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Time – 7:03 pm by Danny Peter

Members present: Danny, Dean, Brian, Hunter, Brendon, Randall, Andy, John, Tim

Membership Notes

Still need boaters!

Prayer / Sick List

$ Beginning Bank Balance $1931.86
$ Deposits
$ Expenses
$ Available Bank Balance

  • Bank account is opened
  • Venmo is @LakeCityAnglers


Wedowee January 20, 2024. Highway 48 ramp. First light to 4pm.

As always if you have a conflict, or have to drop, immediately contact your partner,
AND the TD and let them know. This is required for ANY club tourney, please.

Boat Insurance
If you haven’t yet, get it turned into Andy Shields.

– Gatewood dock now has winter water access.

– Still pushing the petition online to get extensions on more Lake Allatoona docks for winter access.

– Lake Allatoona Association has funds from Covid year to replace docks at Blockhouse and plan to do so in May.

Tourney Results
The December tournament was held at Lake Allatoona on December 16th, 2023.

Boater Results:

1stDanny Peter5 – 9.44lbss.4.02lbs.
2ndAlan Buckner5 – 9.32lbs. 
3rdHunter Howard5 – 9.22lbs.3.56lbs.
4thDon Bogue5 – 8.54lbs. 

Co-Angler Results:

1stJohn Doolittle3 – 5.38lbs.3.34lbs.
2ndBrad Robinson3 – 4.93lbs. 
3rdBrian Jenkins2 – 4.64lbs. 

– Buckner will email out when he is ready to collect dues

  • Dues are $180 for the 2024 calendar year to include $20 for big fish.

– Guntersville 2 Day lodging

       –       Comfort Inn & Suites Scottsboro (location and info is on the club website)

       –       Make your own reservations

– Aaron De Soto is doing better and hopefully will be back to fishing next month.

– John says that the Rapala handscale weighs within .01 of what the official tournament scale weighs.

       –       Looking at the ability to weigh and release in the future.

– Tournament committee will need lake information and suggestions for the March club meeting.  We will vote then on lake for May to August.

Next meeting is February 7th at El Taco Azteca.
No further business was discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 7:47pm.