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Call to Order Minutes from 01/04/2023, WB BBQ, LCA Meeting

1900 (7:00pm), meeting was called to order by Danny Peter.  

Ten active members and one prospective co-angler were in attendance.  Fred Zeismer brought Brendan Long, a prospective co-angler to the meeting.  Brendan is originally from North Carolina and recently moved to Kennesaw with his wife.  Brendan is a Braves fan, fished competitively in high school, college, has been in bass clubs for the last two years, and likes long walks on the beach.


We currently stand at 16 active/participating members, with eight boaters and eight co-anglers.  There will be a new LCA contact roster sent to everyone soon.

We do have openings for six more boaters and three more co-anglers which would put the club at our decided maximum number of active members, which is 25. 14 and 11 respectively allowing us two teams at the Top 6, Georgia Bass Nation (GBN) state events. Co-angler membership is currently on hold until the boater number increases. It was also briefed that there is one potential boater and three co-angler prospects. The co-anglers will be invited to all club meetings but remain on standby status until boater positions are filled. Should anyone have or know anyone that may be interested in becoming an active club participant (especially boaters) please have them visit the LCA website to enquire about membership.

Treasurer’s report

There was not a new report available currently.  Here is last month’s information.

$1350.30 Beginning Bank Balance

$900.00 Deposits

$300.00 Expenses

$1950.30 Available Bank Balance

All dues are to be paid by December 17th.  Tim Carini sent out an email with the current dues last week.

Upcoming Tournaments:

Reservations at Guntersville State Park have been made for the spring two-day. Five cabins have been reserved that will accommodate 15 people.  Don Bogue also announced that MLF Pro, Ryan Salzman might be a guest speaker during the event.  Please think of possible topics that you would be interested in having Ryan brief and pass them along to Don.

This month’s tournament will be at Lake Wedowee AL. There is a slot limit for Largemouth on Wedowee.  Legal catches are 12 to 13 inches and above 16 inches, all fish between 13-16 inches must be released. The ramp is Highway 48 public Ramp. Sunrise is 0745 local so please work with each other to determine show times, and remember all times are stated in Atlanta time to prevent confusion.  Please arrive early and ride sharing is recommended because this is a very small ramp and fills quickly.  There is additional runoff parking on the side of highway 48 if the lot is full for single and vehicles with trailers.  Single vehicles should park alongside the highway regardless and not occupy the trailer spots.  Also, please ensure you have a valid Alabama fishing license.

As always if you have a conflict, or have to drop, immediately contact your partner AND the TD and let them know. This is required for ANY club tourney, please.

Boat Insurance

NSTR at this time.


All LCA dues are up to date at this time.

Tourney Results

Our December tournament was held at Lake Allatoona on 12/17/2022. 


Place                                          weight                      Big Fish

  1. Don Bogue                          9.52                           4.33
  2. Fred Ziesmer                      9.2                             
  3. Hunter Howard                 8.06
  4. Dean McCord                    7.92


  1. John Doolittle                   12.1                           4.62
  2. Brian Jenkins                    8.14
  3. Randall Tutterow            7.98
  4. Jesse Hultberg                  5.34              

Fines were levied to four individuals for various reasons during the tournament.

Fred Ziesmer was fined for “Goggle vision” which is the failure to maintain proper speed and safe distance from competitors while wearing goggles during launch.

Andy Shields was fined because he forgot to bring a jacket on one of the coldest days of the year.

Pedro Quinones and Larry Henson were both fined for attempting to stay just off camera during the LCA group Santa/Elf photo that was taken.

A special shout out to John Doolittle for catching a very nice 4.62 pound Spotted bass.  Also, it turned out to be a great tournament with seven out of 12 anglers weighing five bass limits.


  • It was announced that Andy Shields is the new LCA club Secretary and that Hunter Howard was named the new Sergeant at Arms.
  • Any issues that occur during tournaments that involve the boater and co-angler should be handled by the individuals involved and not become an LCA issue.
  • Co-anglers should discuss the boater fee with the boater prior to the tournament to determine the desired type of payment.
  • Possible co-angler boat operation training was discussed if needed for emergency situations.


No further business was discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 2010 (8:10pm).