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Time – 7:04 pm by Danny Peter
Members present: Danny, Dean, Pedro, Brian, Jessie, Andy S, and Brenden

Membership Notes
Brenden has fulfilled his meeting requirements and now needs to fish 1 more
tournament to be considered for full membership.

Still need boaters!

$ Beginning Bank Balance
$ Deposits
$ Expenses
$ Available Bank Balance


Bartlett’s Ferry February 18, 2023. Idle Hour ramp. First light to 4pm.

The vote was held between Weiss and Lanier for the March tournament to be
held on the 18th.

Lanier was the overwhelming favorite with 6 votes Yes.

As always if you have a conflict, or have to drop out, immediately contact your partner
AND the TD and let them know. This is required for ANY club tourney, please.

Boat Insurance
NSTR at this time.

NSTR at this time.

Tourney Results
The January tournament was held at Lake Wedowee on January 21st, 2023.

Boater Results:

1stDon Bogue5 – 8.14lbs 
2ndDanny Peter4 – 8.02lbs.4.42lbs.
3rdDean McCord5 – 6.6lbs. 
4thHunter Howard5 – 6.18lbs. 

Co-Angler Results:

1stBrian Jenkins5 – 7.32lbs.3.12lbs.
2ndBrad Robinson5 – 7.00lbs. 
3rdJohn Doolittle4 – 6.44lbs.3.68lbs.
4thRandall Tutterow5 – 6.18lbs. 

Weighmaster and Pairings Master positions need to be split
John Doolittle volunteered and will become the Weighmaster
Dean will remain as the Pairings Master
Fall 2 Day was discussed.
Need to decide where and when so we can get started on accommodations.
Clarks Hill and Hartwell were suggested.
Danny will send out an email to get more suggestions on lakes.
Brian will check on cabins at Clarks Hill.

Danny Peter got a boo-boo at the last tournament but prospect Brenden was able to
successfully remove the hook with the fishing line trick. However, Danny will still incur a
fine. Be safe out there!

No further business was discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 7:43pm.