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Time – 7:00 pm by Danny Peter
Members present: Danny, Dean, Brian, Andy S, Hunter, Kamal, Fred, Randall, Chris, and Brenden

Membership Notes
Calling all boaters! Seriously.

Still need boaters!

$1221.67 Beginning Bank Balance
$0 Deposits
$-355 Expenses
$866.67 Available Bank Balance

Alltoona August 19, 2023. Galt’s Ferry ramp. First light to 4pm. Brian, be prepared to pull Andy and his
‘boat’ up the ramp again.
The vote was held between Neely Henry and Clarks Hill for the September tournament to be
held on the 16th.
Neely Henry was the favorite with 8 votes.
As always if you have a conflict, or have to drop out, immediately contact your partner
AND the TD and let them know. This is required for ANY club tourney, please.

Boat Insurance
Not sure how but not all boaters have sent in their insurance.

Fall 2 day – send in your $$ to Tim ASAP.
Tim’s boat – does it even exist at this point?
Dugout says that they can allow us to place a bucket there for out Fish Bowl to help find boaters
– Looking to auction off nice combo to winner
– Looking for $30 from each member so we can purchase the prize
– Could work in conjunction as a tournament
– Fred to send email to those who will help him develop this and get it moving

Tourney Results
The July tournament was held at Blue Ridge on the 15th.
– Everyone seemed happy with the lake and would like to return in the future.

Boater Results:

1stDon Bogue5 – 8.77lbs3.78
2ndDean McCord4 – 8.47lbs.4.52lbs.
3rdAlan Bucknew5 – 8.34lbs.
4thHunter Howard5 – 6.56lbs.

Co-Angler Results:

1stBrian Jenkins3 – 3.90lbs.
2ndRandall Tutterow2 – 3.46lbs.
3rdJohn Doolittle1 – 2.72lbs.2.72lbs.
4thMike Beecher1 -2.06lbs.2.06lbs.

Fred Zeismer to start building a data list from club tournaments so we have details on lakes for future
– Tournament Advisors to bring information for lake choices to clubs for us to vote on
– Vote held and approved for tournament advisor.
– Include Andrew H. on this committee
Voted to only vote on lakes 3 months out moving forward
Voted on lakes for September, November, and December.
– September will be Neely Henry
– November will be either Lanier or Hartwell
– December will be Altoona or Lanier
Spring 2 day choices are Guntersville or Chick. April was voted in as the month for the 2 Day.
– Danny will email out for all to vote on the lake.
Brian asked if we would be interested in a points system vs a weight system to decide how everyone
places in the club.
– Brian will come up with an alternative to present at the next meeting.

No further business was discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 8:28pm.