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Time – 7:00 pm by Danny Peter

Members present: Danny, Dean, Chris, Hunter, Fred Z, John, Brendon, Andy

Membership Notes

Still need boaters!

$ 1221.67 Beginning Bank Balance
$ Deposits
$-355 Expenses
$866.67  Available Bank Balance


Neely Henry September 16, 2023. City ramp. First light to 4pm. Pairings were announced.

As always if you have a conflict, or have to drop, immediately contact your partner
AND the TD and let them know. This is required for ANY club tourney, please.

Boat Insurance
Turn it into Andy!

No response on the Great Allatoona Clean Up .

Tourney Results
The August tournament was held at Lake Allatoona on August 19th, 2023.

Boater Results:

1stDanny Peter5 – 6.02lbs2.40lbs.
2ndAndy Shields2 – 3.54lbs.2.73lbs.
3rdHunter Howard2 – 3.06lbs. 
4thAlan Buckner1 – 2.32lbs. 

Co-Angler Results:

1stBrian Jenkins2 – 5.12lbs.4.24lbs.
2ndRandall Tutterow3 – 4.34lbs. 
3rdJohn Doolittle2 – 2.92lbs. 
4thKamala Elwala1 – 1.64lbs. 

– Fred Z, O Pescador,  wins big bass of the 2023 season with 6.64lb on Guntersville!

– Tim Carini is AOY and John Doolittle is CAOY for the 2023 season.

– The position of Tournament Director is to be held by the Vice President.

Voting in for club position for  the 2024 season is as follows:

– President

                -Dean nominated Danny to continue in his current position which was seconded by Hunter Howard.  No other nominations were made. Danny will continue as club President.

– Vice President

                – Fred Zeismer volunteered to take over as VP.  No other nominations were made.  Fred will take over as Vice President.

–  Secretary

                – Andy Shields volunteered to stay on as Secretary and no other nominations were made. 

– Treasurer

                – John Doolittle volunteered to take the position of secretary.  No other nominations were made.

– Director of Communications

                – There were no volunteers for Director of Communications but Brian Jenkins was nominated by John Doolittle.  Seconded by Andy Shields.  Voting was unanimous and Brian Jenkins will continue in his role.

– Sergeant at Arms

                – Brendon Long volunteered for the position of Sergeant at Arms.  No other nominations were given.  Brendon Long will be Sergeant at Arms for the 2024 season.

Conservation Director

                – Alan Buckner was nominated by Dean McCord and seconded by Fred Zeismer.  No other volunteers or nominations were made.  Alan Buckner will be Conservation Director for the 2024 season.

Tournament Committee

                – Tim C., Hunter H., and Randall T. were all nominated and unanimously voted on.

By Law Committee

Hunter Howard and Fred Zeismer volunteered to continue as the club By Law Committee.

– Website

– Danny Peter will continue to update our website.

**Thank you to all those who served for the 2023 season and for those who will be serving for the 2024 season!**

– The club discussed the possibility of upfront charges to help cover the cost for 2 day tournaments.

– Discussion was made about changing to a points system from our current weight system to decide club standings.  Brian Jenkins is to share more on this at a future meeting.

– Most agreed that we want to keep the club fun while also being competitive.

– We need more participation, especially at club meetings

– discussion was had about docking anglers weight for missed meetings

– changing co-angler pairing to be based on participation and not seniority

– The club will look at discussing the top angler and co angler results at the ramp AFTER weigh in.  It was pointed out that better detail can be given while it is fresh on our minds and this will save time for more important discussions at the monthly meetings.

Be safe out there!

No further business was discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm.