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Time – 7:01 pm by Danny Peter

Members present: Danny, Dean, Brian, Andy, Fred, Randall, Chris, Alan Kamal, and Brendon.

Membership Notes
Kamal was voted in as a full member.

Still need boaters!


**No report till new account is set up**

$ Beginning Bank Balance
$ Deposits
$ Expenses
$ Available Bank Balance


2 day at Logan Martin. New mega ramp. First light to 4pm.

The numbers for take off were picked and are as follows:

Hunter – Boat 1

Danny – Boat 2

Alan – Boat 3

Don – Boat 4

John – Boat 5

Dean – Boat 6

Tim – Boat 7

As always if you have a conflict, or have to drop, immediately contact your partner
AND the TD and let them know. This is required for ANY club tourney, please.

Boat Insurance
Insurance is needed ASAP to Andy Shields. 

Need conservation project.

  • Suggestion from Alan to do a clean up tournament at Allatoona with a cookout to follow.

New position were voted on and are in place now

There was talk of getting some webinars set up

Tourney Results
The September tournament was held at Neely Henry on the 16th.

Boater Results:

1stDanny Peter5 – 9.78lbs.3.24lbs.
2ndTim Carini5 – 8.44lbs.3.26lbs.
3rdDean McCord4 – 5.54lbs. 
4thJohn Doolittle2 – 2.48lbs. 

Co-Angler Results:

1stBrendon Long4 – 5.16lbs2.60lbs.
2ndAndy Shields2 – 3.90lbs.2.58lbs.
3rdBrian Jenkins3 – 3.46lbs. 
4thChris Cunningham1 – 1.82lbs. 

John Doolittle has 2 positions and needs to only have 1

  • John will stay weightmaster
  • Buckner will take over as Treasurer

Top 6 @ Hartwell December 1-2

  • Need 3 boaters and co’s
  • reservations are made for lodging
  • those who participate will need to pay all fees

GBN roster has been updated

Bylaws state currently that the youngest a member can be is 18, should we change to 21?

Brian Jenkins will track a points system set up through this season to see how it compares to our current system of only weight based finishes

Awards for the end of the year?

  • will require everyone to put more money up front

Do we penalize those for not participating with unjustified reasoning?

Sgt at Arms:

$1 penalty to Dean for not knowing to fix his kill switch before starting his boat….SHAME SHAME

Next meeting is November 1st.

Be safe out there!
No further business was discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 8:03pm.