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Time – 7:00 pm by Danny Peter

Members present: Danny, Dean, Chris, Alan, Andy, Brendon, Randall
Membership Notes

Still need boaters!

Prayer / Sick List

$346.69 Beginning Bank Balance
$ Deposits
$ Expenses
$ Available Bank Balance


Lanier 11/18/23. Vann’s Tavern ramp. First light to 4pm.

Vote was held between Lanier and Allatoona for December.

Allatoona was the overwhelming favorite with 5 votes Yes.

As always if you have a conflict, or have to drop, immediately contact your partner
AND the TD and let them know. This is required for ANY club tourney, please.

Boat Insurance
Turn it in to Andy ASAP.

LCA will not be participating in the TOP 6.  It is being held at a difficult time between holidays.

Buckner is working on getting the LCA bank account open.

Doolittle club roles were split.

Tourney Results
The Fall 2 Day tournament was held at Logan Martin on October 21st and 22nd, 2023. 

Boater Results:

1stAlan Buckner8 – 14.12lbs 
2ndDanny Peter9 – 13.46lbs.3.20lbs.
3rdHunter Howard8 – 10.90lbs. 
4thJohn Doolittle6 – 9.92lbs. 

Co-Angler Results:

1stRandall Tutterow9 – 14.20lbs. 
2ndBrendon Long7 – 14.06lbs.3.46lbs.
3rdAndy Shields7 – 10.54lbs. 
4thChris Cunningham3 – 5.38lbs. 

-The fishing was good at Logan Martin.  Angler’s Pointe is false advertising since it is near impossible to park your boat and your vehicles at the cabins.

-Should we move the 2 Day Tournaments back to Friday/Saturday?

              – Danny will send out an email about this.

-How do we handle voting? 

              – Quorum is suggested to the By-Law committee for review.

-Dean is now the Tournament Director since Fred Z. stepped down.

-Brian stepped down as Communications Director.

              – Randall will take over. petition will be set up about the Allatoona docks being extended at certain ramps for winter drawdown.

-Lake votes were held for January, February, and March tournaments. 

              – January will be Wedowee or Lanier

              – February will be Bartlett’s or West Point

              – March will be Lanier or Weiss

-Should we move where we meet and time?

              – Williamsons Bros changes their hours to close at 8pm starting with the time change.

              – Randall suggested El Taco Azteca in Kennesaw.

              – Danny suggested a 6:30pm start time.

              – Vote was to change to El Taco Azteca at 6:30pm for the December meeting.

Sgt at Arms

No issues.  2 day seemed to be a successful tournament.

Be safe out there!

No further business was discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 8:02pm.