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Members Present: Danny Peter, Dean McCord, Chris Cunningham, Don Bogue, John Doolittle, Brenden Long, and Briand Jenkins

Convened at 6:32 at El Taco Azteca – New location


· Consider meeting at 7 pm instead of 6:30 to help people who are working. Also considering getting everyone’s address and looking for a central location

· Last meetings minutes posted online

· Bank Balance = $946

· Dues are owed by the end of Dec. They are $180

o $30 for Federation, $30 for Bass Nation, $120 for the club

· Discussed spreading the petition for the extension of Allatoona docks for the winder draw-down. Only 10 club members had signed so far. Please distribute to other clubs. Danny will work getting it on the docket once we have more signatures.

· Reminder: Vote previous passed to move 2-days back to Fri/Sat.

· Guntersville 2-Day lodging discussed

o Guntersville State park is underconstruction

o Goosepond is full too

o Comfort Inn is available and can accommodate boats

o Dean will take a quick look at VRBO options too

· Buckner and Danny going to Delta CCU to get account set up this week – then we can pay the club. Wait for dues until that is setup or you hear otherwise

· Lake choices posted on website for Jan-Mar

· Brad should get a fine for forgetting Like Jacket

· Tournament pairings passed out – Safe light to 4 pm.

· Vote on January lake was Wedowee 5 vs 2

· Propose to try Rapala scales at next weigh in to compare to club scales so perhaps we can work towards weigh and release vs weigh at ramp

Concluded meeting at 7:11