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Call to Order

1900, the meeting was called to order by Danny Peter.

Ten active members were in attendance. I want to thank everyone that showed up for a great turnout.


We currently stand at 16 active/participating members, with eight boaters and eight co-anglers. Brian “the General” Jenkins will be putting together a new roster soon.

We do have openings for six more boaters and three more co-anglers which would put the club at our decided maximum number of active members, which is 25. 14, and 11 respectively allowing us two teams at the Top 6, Georgia Bass Nation (GBN) state events. Co-angler membership is currently on hold until the boater number increases. It briefed that there is one potential boater and three co-angler prospects. The co-anglers will be invited to all club meetings but remain on standby status until boater positions are filled. Should anyone have or know anyone that may be interested in becoming an active club participant (especially boaters) please have them visit the LCA website to enquire about membership.

Treasurer’s report

$1350.30 Beginning Bank Balance

$900.00 Deposits

$300.00 Expenses

$1950.30 Available Bank Balance

All dues are to be paid by December 17th. Tim Carini sent out an email with the current dues last week.

Upcoming Tournaments:

A new spring two-day vote was held, and Guntersville was voted in, Apr 15– 16. Discussions are still to come on lodging and Brian will send out an email to confirm participation. There are two available options, Guntersville State Park Campground and Goose Pond Colony. Reservations will be made for 16 participants, four for four days and 12 for three days.  These are just the preliminary numbers and can be altered later if needed.

Voting was held to determine tournament lakes for the next six months. It was narrowed down to two lakes for each month except April (2-day) to be voted on at the LCA meeting held the month prior to each tournament.

March    Weiss-Lanier

April       Guntersville (2-day)

May        Chickamauga-Hartwell

June        Burton-Chatuge

July         Blue Ridge-Sinclair

August   Allatoona-Nickajack 

As always if you have a conflict, or must drop, immediately contact your partner AND the TD and let them know. This is required for ANY club tourney, please.

Boat Insurance

NSTR currently.


NSTR currently.

Tourney Results

Our fall 2 day was held at Watts Bar, Arrowhead resort, on November 18 & 19.

Boater Results:

Place       Name                         Total               Day1  Day2              Big Fish (Day)

1st            Don Bogue               10.72             5.46   5.26               (2) 3.44

2nd           Tim Carini                 10                   6.56   3.44               (1/2) 3.56/3.44

3rd            Pedro Quinones      8.68               2.52   6.16

4th            Danny Peter             7.04               3.62   3.42

Co-Angler Results:

1st            Brian Jenkins           12.12             10.36 1.76               (1) 3.82

2nd           Brad Robinson        8.98               4.32    4.66               (1/2) 4.32/4.66

3rd            Randall Tutterrow  3.16               3.16   0

4th            John Dolittle            2.92               0          2.92                                                                                                                          

Several special shout-outs to Brad “Big Fish” Robinson for overall big fish on days 1 and 2. If you’re only going to catch one keeper a day that’s how to do it.  Also, Danny Peter and John Doolittle for catching fish on a very windy day 2 without a trolling motor.  The entire table at Friday’s LCA group dinner also won the Arrowhead weekly Trivia night competition, beating out some of the brightest minds Tennessee had to offer.


  • LCA is looking into having a spouse/significant other including dinner sometime in late winter or early spring.
  • Voting was held and it was determined the maximum number of hooks allowed on an umbrella/A-rig during LCA club tournaments is 5 or fewer.
  • One of Tim Carini’s two Executive Board (EB) positions will be assigned to another individual.  A new LCA EB Treasurer or Secretary will be assigned soon to lighten the workload on Tim. Please submit nominations to the club President Danny Peter for EB consideration and club vote.
  • It was discussed that known boaters in good standing from other clubs will not be required to finish the two-tournament probationary period before being voted on for club membership.
  • New prospective boaters from outside circles will still be required to fish two probationary tournaments as a boater prior to a determination by club vote. Also, the paired co-anglers from the probation tournaments’ input should play a significant role in the yes or no membership decision.


No further business was discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 2020.