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Lake City Anglers

Acworth, GA EST 2022

ARTICLE I – Name and Purpose

Section 1: Name

This chapter shall be called:

Lake City Anglers

Acworth, GA

Section 2: Purpose

Lake City Anglers is a tournament bass fishing club that focuses on friendship, family, and fun. To help each other grow and learn through friendly exchange of expert bass-catching techniques and ideas, and to promote and encourage youth fishing, a love for this great recreation and support our state conservation department. To function as an effective link with other chapters of the state B.A.S.S. Federation Nation.

ARTICLE II – Membership

Section 1: Number of members

The Chapter shall begin with and maintain at least six members.

Section 2: Requirements for Regular Member

To Become a chapter member a person shall:

  • Be a member of B.A.S.S. (See ARTICLE VII, Section 1 for affiliation requirements)
  • Become a member of the state B.A.S.S. Federation Nation
  • Express an interest in membership.

(d) Be 18 years old.

(e) Attend two (2) Club meetings and fish two (2) Club tournaments as a co-angler and be voted on by the membership. The vote shall be at a regular monthly meeting and affirmation shall be unanimous. Perspective members are not eligible for tournament prizes. The weight of any fish caught by a prospective member while participating in Club tournaments prior to being accepted into membership will, however, be credited toward his yearly total weight once he has become a regular member of the Club. The weight of any fish caught by the perspective member while participating in Club tournaments prior to being accepted into membership will not be credited towards the Annual Big Fish prize.

(f) Members are not required to own a boat; however, members and/or prospective members are responsible for maintaining a minimum of $300,000 of liability insurance on all boats used at Club functions. The Board of Directors has the right to verify proof of insurance at the time of membership or whenever deemed necessary.

(g) Members, prospective members, and guests are required to sign a Release document, as prescribed by the Club, releasing Club officers and members from liability for injury or bodily harm before participating in any Club function.

Section 3: Membership dues       

The Membership dues shall be $180 annually, initially payable upon being voted into the chapter and thereafter payable before the end of December, $30 of which shall be for Federation Nation dues, $30 to Georgia BASS Nation dues, and $120, which shall be for Lake City Anglers.  B.A.S.S. membership dues are also required at the current rate (See ARTICLE VII, Section 1 for state affiliation requirements) Any member failing to pay their dues will not be able to count their weight for that tournament. An optional Annual Big Fish Prize (See ARTICLE X, Line b) will be an additional $20 annually for any member who wants to participate and is initially payable upon being voted into the chapter and thereafter payable before the September tournament.

Section 4: Meetings of Members         

The membership shall hold regular meetings at pre-established times.

ARTICLE III – Officers

Officers shall conduct the affairs of the Chapter in a manner consistent with these Bylaws.

ARTICLE IV – Officers and their Duties

Section 1: The officers of the chapter shall consist of

 (a) President: The President will preside over all meetings of the club and of the Board of Directors. He will have general supervision and direction of the club’s committees and see that their duties are properly executed.

 (b) Vice President/Tournament Director: The Vice President will assist the President in his/ her duties and preside in the absence of the President. If the office of the President becomes vacant before the expiration of the term the Vice President will fill the unexpired term, and the office of the Vice President will be filled by a special election at the next meeting. The Vice President will also serve as Tournament Director and Tournament Committee chairman. He will keep the Tournament committee on track with selecting lakes that are best overall for the club. Also, take care of the monthly pairings and Creel Reports. While presiding over the weigh-in.

 (c) Secretary: The Secretary will maintain complete and accurate minutes of all regular and special meetings and Board of Directors meetings as called for by the chapter President. Maintain regular liaison between your chapter and the B.A.S.S. Federation and the state B.A.S.S. Federation chapter. Also, will keep track of annual insurance for all boaters.

 (d) Treasurer: The Treasurer will collect and disburse all funds. Maintain accurate financial records and present a current balance report at each regular meeting. Prepare an annual report for review by the chapter Board of Directors.

(e) Director of Communication: The Director of Communication will be responsible for internal and external membership and potential membership communication. Will be responsible for the coordination of lodging arrangements for two-day tournaments. The Director of Communication will function as a membership chairman and provide each prospective member with a general explanation of what is required of a member.

(f) Sergeant at Arms: The Sergeant at Arms will be responsible for general order at club functions and levy and collect fines imposed on members. Confirms everyone is in to weigh in at the no wake zone on time. No dangerous conditions. Verifies correct boat operations and DNR boating rules.

(g) Conservation Director: The Conservation Director will oversee the coordination of all conservation projects.

 Section 2: Elections

 The election of officers will be held annually at a regular meeting during the month of August. The election shall be by a simple majority of members present. Election for each officer will be held separately in the order listed in ARTICLE IV, Section 1.

Section 3: Eligibility of Vote

 Each member is entitled to one vote. Proxy votes are not permitted.

Section 4: Term of Office

 The term of office is for one year, which shall begin on September 1 and end on the last day of August or until the successor assumes office.

Section 5: Vacancies

 In the event of an office becoming vacant, nominations will be asked for and a special election held to fill the unexpired term of the individual vacating the office. National B.A.S.S. headquarters will be notified immediately of the change of any officers.

Section 6: Eligibility for Holding Office

 To be eligible for an office a member must:

 (a) Have been a member for six months. (Six months’ requirement waived during first 12 months of chapter existence.)

 (b) Have attended at least 75% of the chapter meetings and 75% of chapter functions during a 12-month period.

 (c) Have shown an active interest in all chapter functions.

 (d) Maintain current B.A.S.S. membership.

ARTICLE V – Standing Committees

 All standing committees will serve for one year or until a new committee is appointed. The terms of the committee members will coincide with that of the President. Each committee shall elect a chairperson.

(a) Board of Directors: The Board of Directors will consist of six members: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Communication, and Conservation Director.

(b) Tournament Committee: The Tournament Committee will be made up of one member nominated and elected at the August meeting. His term shall run from September 1st to the last day of August, and he shall assist the Tournament Director.

 (c) By-Law Committee: The By-Law Committee will be made up of 2 members appointed by the President and will be responsible to write and submit original By-Laws and help with future by-laws.  

ARTICLE VI – Removal of Membership

 Members may be dropped from the membership roll for the following reasons:

 (a) Failure to pay dues.

 (b) Any action that would reflect dishonor and disgrace on the chapter and/or B.A.S.S.

 (c) Failure to attend 50% of the chapter meetings and 50% of chapter functions during a 12-month period.

 (d) Disqualification for any reason from participating in B.A.S.S.- sponsored events, including disqualification for use of drugs or alcohol.

 Note: Military deployment exempt.

ARTICLE VII – Affiliation

 Section 1: Requirements for Affiliation

 (a) Approval of chapter charter by B.A.S.S.

 (b) Update B.A.S.S. with chapter membership roster once each year. The annual update cycle begins each year on Nov. 1.

 (c) Names and addresses of new members joining the chapter during the year must be submitted online to B.A.S.S. as they occur. (See ARTICLE II, Section 3 for dues requirements.)

 (d) Maintain 100% B.A.S.S. membership.

 (e) Must affiliate with the state Federation Nation and support its conservation and youth programs. Any additional requirements that the state Federation establishes for chapters, such as membership, dues, attendance at meetings, etc., would be necessary for the chapter to participate in the state Federation qualifying tournament(s) and any other Federation Nation-sponsored tournaments or events.

ARTICLE VIII – Method of Amending the Bylaws

 Section 1: Amending the Bylaws

 The bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided written notice of the proposed amendment has been presented to the membership at least one regular meeting prior to the vote.

ARTICLE IX – Tournament Rules

Section 1 – Tournament Year:

           The tournament year will start on September 1st and ends on August 31st.

Section 2- General rules:

       (a) The Tournament Director will supervise the start and finish of the tournament and will enforce tournament rules and the Tournament Committee will assist.

       (b) All competitors must have an up-to-date fishing license, furnish their own Coast Guard-approved PFD, and be required to wear PFD any time the engine is running above idle speed, and have a Club-approved weigh-in bag with mesh liner.

  (c) Any competitor not inside the no wake zone by official weigh-in time will be penalized one (1) pound per minute and disqualified after fifteen (15) minutes. 

  (d) If a competitor cannot make it to weigh-in by the official time (Jan – Jun 4PM EST, Jul – Sep 3PM EST, Oct – Dec 4PM EST) because of boat trouble or other emergencies he is required to notify the Tournament Director, a member of the Tournament Committee, or other Club member and he is allowed to have another competitor bring his fish to weigh-in and his weight will count.  

Section 3 – Boats:

            All bass boats must have a working Kill-Switch, Coast Guard-approved fire extinguisher, aerated Livewells, and operational running lights and meet B.A.S.S. and Georgia DNR standards.

Section 4 – Tournament scoring:

(a) Tournament scoring will be based on total weight. Any competitor weighing in a dead fish will have a dead fish penalty of four (4) oz. per dead fish. A dead fish cannot be culled from your livewell.

(b) A bag limit of five (5) fish consisting of any combination of largemouth, smallmouth, spotted bass or any black bass species recognized by B.A.S.S. may be weighed. Minimum lengths shall be as prescribed in the State Fish & Game Regulations for the State and lake fished.

 (c) A maximum of five (5) legal fish per competitor is allowed in Livewell. When the sixth fish is caught one (1) fish must be culled. If the Competitor begins fishing and more than five (5) fish are in Livewell competitor is required to begin culling starting with the largest live fish until the tournament limit is reached.

 (d) Fish will be measured on the club’s official ruler with mouth closed and the tail squeezed

 (e) Any fish turned into the official Weighmaster and found to be short will not be counted and will be culled and competitor will be penalized one (1) pound per short fish.

Option – 1: ARTICLE X – Tournament Prizes

  • Monthly Tournament Prizes:
1st place $301st place $30
2nd place $152nd place $15
Big fish – $10
  •  Annual Big Fish Prize (Optional):  Will be paid for the biggest fish of the year beginning September tournament and ending August tournament and will be paid out by the last day of August. The dollar amount will be based on the total number of members who participate, each participant paying a $20 annual fee. Example 10 members participate at $20 each pot equals $200 winner gets $200.